Philosophy of MSB symposia

The MSB symposia are intended to be a forum for the discussion of fundamental and application-driven aspects of microscale separations and bioanalysis within an international community composed of thought-leaders and emerging scientistis from both the academic and industrial sides.

In order to guarantee the presentation of new, current, controversial and/or unpublished work and foster active discussions during the oral and poster sessions, the Society has developed a seven-­point  plan that serves as guidelines for Conference Chairs.


“More than ever, we need to bring scientists together to debate the challenges, to discuss the solutions, and to explore new ideas if we wish to fully realize the power of separations at microscale.”

James Landers & Jeff Chapman, co-Chairs of MSB 2013; The Analytical Scientist, Issue 0213, 2013.


  • Discussion of unpublished work

    An environment is provided that helps protect unpublished work through a series of confidentiality measures to be abided by conference attendees, an approach used successfully by the Gordon Conferences.

  • Fostering diversity while maintaining high quality

    The number of invited speakers is reduced, building most of the oral program (70%) from submitted abstracts. The abstracts will be comprehensive overviews of the scientific work, including data and figures. They will be scored by double-blind peer review, blind of title, name or affiliation for the session. This whole process is done with transparency, to encourage maximum participation.

  • Encouraging vigorous scientific debate and discussion

    Presentations are limited to 2/3 of the allotted time for the lecture, leaving 1/3 of the allotted time for discussion. This approach is also applied during the poster pitch presentations. .

  • Committed and engaged session chairs

    Who build the oral program for the session topic by proposing the keynote speaker, select contributed oral presentation (blind of title, name or affiliation of the author) from the submitted abstracts, who introduce the session topic to the delegates in a short-oral presentation and who will pro-actively foster debate, engaging and challenging the audience to participate in the discussions.

  • Selecting an inspiring location

    A venue will be sought allowing an environment integrating science and leisure, creating an atmosphere that is conducive to the task.

  • Engaging industry partners

    A forum called Science Café is included in the program. This is a daily luncheon that provides the opportunity to hear about new applications, products and solutions by the companies commercializing these products.

  • Paying homage to excellence

    The symposium includes a presentation of the Arnold O. Beckman Medal for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Electrodriven Separation Science. Since 2018, this Award has be continued as the SCIEX Microscale Separations Innovation Medal awardee for Current and Breakthrough Research in the Field of Electro-Driven Separations.