Mission of the Society

The Society for Miscroscale Separations and Bioanalysis (SMSB) is an independent, non-profit organization committed to promoting the development of microscale separations and their applications in life sciences and beyond.

Our mission:
  • Promote the growth and development of microscale separations and the applications thereof internationally;
  • Provide networking, sharing of information, and interaction within the international scientific community from both the academic and the industrial worlds;
  • Stimulate and encourage Young Scientists along their career.

The Society is operated through the voluntary efforts of the Board of Directors. The duties of the Directors are described in the bylaws of the Society. The current composition of the Board of Directors and a summary of their tasks can be found in this page.


Support during the organization of MSB symposia

A major task of the SMSB is to oversee the organization of the annual MSB symposia, by supporting the Symposium Chairs and Local Organizing Committees through the process, as well as by appointing the Chairs for upcoming symposia. In this context, the Society ensures that the philosophy of the MSB symposia is respected via a close contact with the Chairs prior to and during the event.


Selection of the Arnold O. Beckman Medal and SCIEX Microscale Separations Innovation Medal awardee

The SMSB is responsible for the yearly selection of the Arnold O. Beckman Medal awardee for Outstanding Scientific Achievements in The Field Of Electrodriven Separations Techniques, continued as the SCIEX Microscale Separations Innovation Medal Award for Current and Breakthrough Research in the Field of Electro-Driven Separations since 2018. More details on the selection process are available on the page Awards.


Support for Young Scientists

The Society is committed to support Young Scientists (i.e., PhD students, postdocs, and researchers under the age of 35) on their career path, via:

  • the philosophy of the MSB symposia, which ensures most of the oral program (70%) is built from submitted abstracts rather than invited speakers, and the scoring of abstracts by double-blind peer review, blind of title, name or affiliation;
  • a yearly Young Scientist Award, given to a young researcher whose outstanding work sets an example for other scientists, underlined during an oral contribution;
  • the organization of special oral sessions for Young Scientists and/or dedicated events during MSB symposia.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

The SMSB is striving to build a diverse, inclusive and respected community of scientists.  We are working to ensure the opportunity for these scientists, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, geographic location, ethnicity, race, or other identifier, to participate at the annual MSB meeting and through SMSB leadership.

We notably seek to engage and include scientists from all parts of the globe, both on the Board of Directors and at each MSB conference. Our goal is to hold the conference in venues around the world, in settings that facilitate and enable broad participation. With this, we aim to be citizen scientists for the world.


Bylaws of the Society

The bylaws of the Society can be downloaded here.