Arnold O. Beckman Medal Awardee 2015 | Gyula Vigh

Arnold O. Beckman MedalProf. Gyula Vigh received the Arnold O. Beckman award on Tuesday, April 28th, at MSB 2015 in Shanghai, from Prof James Landers, Chair of the MSB Strategic Planning Committee. The award is sponsored by SCIEX, represented by Jeff Chapman, Senior Director CE Business Unit, SCIEX.

Professor Gyula Vigh earned his undergraduate and doctoral degrees from the University of Chemical Engineering, Veszprem, Hungary, in 1970 and 1975, respectively, and became a faculty member there, in the Institute of Analytical Chemistry. In 1985 he joined Texas A&M University, where he served two terms as chairman of the Analytical Division in the Department of Chemistry. In 2001, Dr. Vigh was appointed to Texas A&M University’s Gradipore Chair in Separation Science. He also served as a Symposium Volumes editor for the Journal of Chromatography and was a member of the editorial boards of the major chromatographic and electrophoretic journals.

His research focused on both the theoretical and practical aspects of high performance chromatographic and electrophoretic separation methods. At Texas A&M University, he graduated 34 PhD students, published 178 papers, and obtained 5 US patents. In 2011, he received the Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences (HSSS) Halász Medal Award recognizing research excellence in the separation sciences, before retiring in 2015.